Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Inexpensive Bar Cabinet

There's no finishing involved in building this bar
a prefinished fruitwood panel takes care of that

HIS ATTRACTIVE bar-cabinet features a revolving door with racks for glasses and a detachable front panel which doubles as a serving tray. The use of prefinished panels for all exposed surfaces eliminates the need for finishing and gives the com¬pleted piece a professional appearance.
The well-proportioned bar has ample storage space for bottles, glassware, ice bucket and the like. The compartment to the left also has a small shelf near the top
which is ideal for storing recipes, stirrers, tongs, etc. This self is placed high enough to clear the bottles stored below it.
To add further to the appearance, pre¬finished cove molding is used to edge the lid and base, thus solving the problem of what to do with exposed edges. When carefully cut and applied, the molding looks like it was cut from the panel with a shaper or muter. Miters must be cut with a sharp blade; otherwise, the wood can splinter resulting in an unsightly appearance.
Care must also be exercised when cut¬ting the panels as the prefinished surface has a degree of brittleness which makes it prone to surface splitting. This is especially apparent when using dull tools. The best blade for a table or radial arm saw when BARS 168
Inexpensive Bar Cabinet

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